Did you know?

…that this lullaby from Malaita in the Solomon Islands was actually “stolen” by  a French group called Deep Forest, who remixed it and turned it into an award winning production back in the 1990s? [see more here…]

Below is what won them grammies and milions of dollars in royalties.

And they had the cheek to perpetuate a long standing notion that this lullaby came from Africa.

Not a cent was given to the custodians of this lullaby for the use of their intellectual property.

The pillaging by the French, it appears, is never-ending.

This decade, we see them moving across the islands to Papua New Guinea, where the local word “bilum” is at the centre of yet another propriety theft.

When will it end?

I say it’s time that Pacific people wake up and do something about protecting their Traditional Knowledge and Expressions of Culture!


2 Comments on “Did you know?”

  1. Deefiji bloke,

    You guys really need to drag yourselves into the 21st century if you want to compete on a global scale. Nothing is sacred anymore (expect for perhaps anything aligned with the middle east etc…religion-wise and also gay rights…apparently they are off-limits globally, more’s the pity). Gone are the days when we could have a good old-fashioned moan about those aspects, so….

    If you have traditional and cultural aspects that you want to protect for future generations, than you really have to register them yourself….first..before these foreign devils get their hands on them.

    You guys obviously know how to use the Internet/Email/Facebook/Twitter etc…, so use it to your advantage….and get in first, or before you know it, other countries will be (like the Bilum situation with the French) using your traditional names/tags for their own benefit.

    Basically, you just have to get in before they do. It’s not a big ask, and who knows…?…You may even make a dollar or two out of it, before they can monopolize the market…but you have to be quick(er) than what you are currently. Good luck with it all.

    Cheers mate,

    Rick Brittain
    Cairns & PNG

    • Thanks Rick Brittain. I couldn’t agree more. The plundering of indigenous arts, culture, music and other IPs continue today and all we do is whine! Problem in the Pacific is local cultures still can’t get it that what they have could make millions. But imaginations need to stretch much more than they do now!

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