Sometime ago while surfing the Internet for more information on the Malaita lullaby Rorogwela, I stumbled upon a video someone made on Solomon Islands culture.

The video was nice but I was instantly drawn to its soundtrack.

What struck me was the very rich, unique and pleasantly natural voice of the singer. The video said it was contemporary Solomon Islands music. I thought it was folk music.

Whatever, I was fascinated by the song and the singer, especially when all around me, Pacific music seemed to be moving towards being westernized, vocals and all.

I later learned the singer was known as Pascal Oritaimae and hails from Malaita.

In fact, he is well known in the Solomon Islands and among those who have studied Pacific music.

He was instrumental in putting together a National Geographic sponsored documentary of Pacific Islands music titled: Last Voices from Heaven.

That work also produced a music album of Pacific music titled: Siva Pacifica – Last Voices from Heaven.

Amazing!  One of the tracks in Siva Pacifica – Last Voices from Heaven is called Ma’a Mera, the song that introduced me to Pascal Oritaimae!

Such talent!  As Pacific culture and music meet the evolutionary effect of modern civilization, musicians like Pascal, who are able to embrace change without compromising the essence of their heritage, are, in my opinion, very rare finds indeed.


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