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The haunting sounds of Hui Ohana

I’ve always been fascinated by the Ocean and how it so succinctly reflects the rhythm of Life and the passage of Time.

Many years ago, I was fortunate enough to be part of a media trip by sea to Ono in the Lau Group.

It’s a trip I will never forget.

I spent the nights of the three-day boat ride (one way) lying on the deck just staring awe-struck at the star-studded heavens. Now and then, I’d feel my way around the railings to watch the waves plough back into the sea leaving behind trails of bleached white foams that seemed to manage a smile just before melting away into an almost melancholic denouement. I remember feeling such a strong connection to the sea, as if I had been there before. Everything about the Ocean was familiar and then as I gazed into the unfathomable depth of midnight blue, I had a very strong sense of being “home”.

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